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Directed By:
Kanta Tagawa

Not Rated
Genre: Horror
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Racism
Country: Japan


Okay, one of the worst movies from Japan, EVER. I don't say this lightly. Normally I love Japanese monster movies as you well know so it takes a really bad movie for me to say that. The story, if you can call it that centers around a small town whose has a fatal and unknown plague. A group of soldiers is sent to retrieve a sample of the cause of the plague, a mutant rat monster.

Let's see, what's wrong with this movie? In the first five minutes, the army kills a man for wanting to give his infected wife a ribbon. I can understand why they wouldn't want him to have contact with her since she was infected but killing him to save him makes no sense. Plus, this is like the 21st century but the medical staff had no proper biohazard safety equipment, no hazmat suits. Next problem. They pretty much kill most of the soldiers and give away all the big secrets within the first twenty minutes when that was the time in the movie you should be getting to know the characters. Nezulla was cool expect they never used his name, something Japanese never normally do. It's subtitled so I know they didn't. Then within the last thirty minutes they try to get to know the last surviving characters. So fellas, too little, too late. For by that time in the film we the viewer is saying who gives a crap about the Japanese Soldiers little girl he hasn't seen in years or the Doctor confessing his love to the infected nurse. Plus, plenty of racism to go around, the US bashing is offensive and the racists words is also offense, we both give this movie the NOOSE.